Making my dreams come true

I spent my last three years half of the time traveling around the world with a seismic vessel where I was processing seismic data and the other half traveling with friends, alone or in photography tours. This opportunity increased a lot my desire to travel and explore our beautiful world. Recently I got rid of my job, although it was the best job I could have (5 weeks on the vessel and 5 weeks on holiday), and decided to focus only on traveling and photography. I call this “my sabbatical” but is much better than a sabbatical because I have no job to return to after one year, therefore there’s no time limit for my travel.

I studied in Bucharest, Romania and graduated the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics in 2012. The best choices I ever made were choosing this faculty, quitting my first job, applying for the second one and finally getting rid of it, just because all of them were perfectly synchronised with the best opportunities at those times.

I like to be on the road, to photograph and write and I want to improve all three of them because I never had the time to focus only on the things I like. I think my time is the best fortune I have if I use it to do the things I love the most.

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